How did your first basic conversation go today?

Please share your stories, worries, and encouragement for others here, and see how others did on their first attempt to use the language with another person!

Did you introduce yourself OK?

Did you manage to keep the conversation in the right language for at least 20 seconds?

Do you have more sessions planned to continue learning?

Share your ideas here, and be inspired by fellow learners.

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  • Aleksandra Gehrke

    Very good 🙂 Like it!

  • Michael Rabb day 6 ? ok I am told to sing a song to help learn the language (french!)

    • Cecelia

      Good! Nice sweater by the way!

    • Really good! Wish you luck further!

  • He does a great job pushing through the awkward moments and sticking to it! Thanks for posting.

  • wow, great job!!!

  • Anka Lenik

    For the first time I recorded Me speaking en. Nice expirience:)

  • Virginia O’Mara

    Where are the videos? All I see are four year old comments from people who submitted videos. This “FI3M” is starting to feel like a scam.

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