Reliable and free online dictionaries for your target language

This list of resources has been painstakingly researched by my team as part of our PREMIUM language immersion product

American Sign Language

  • ASL pro have a very useful dictionary for learners of this language, where you click through the alphabet and see the word visually signed for you via real videos by signers for each and every word. Excellent online resource that is totally free! On the same page, at tabs at the top, you have further specific dictionaries for religious terms, conversational phrases and signs for babies.
  • Signing Savvy is another one, although there are many features of this site blocked by paid membership. You can’t search, but you can go through the alphabetic list to click particular ones without registering. A free registration only gives you 5 searches per day. In most cases to look up single words, you can find them in the alphabetic list without signing up.

Chinese (Mandarin)

Chinese (Cantonese)




  • Oxford dictionaries have an online searchable monolingual English database that contains 145,000 words and definitions; very useful for English learners among you!
  • Collins dictionary is a great monolingual one with several bilingual options too!
  • Urban dictionary is a resource I use even myself to find new slang terms in English, and acroyms that I haven’t come across yet, when they come up in casual situations
  • Cambridge Learner’s dictionary


  • http://lernu.net/ – Whenever I am not sure of a word in Esperanto, I use the free dictionary search tool built into this great Esperanto learning site. It works with many language combinations (Esperanto-English/French/Polish etc.)
  • Reta Vortaro is a great one, popular with many Esperantists
  • http://esperanto-panorama.net/vortaro/eoen.htm – Not as extensive, but you can look through the entire list of terms alphabetically.
  • You can also use a monolingual Esperanto dictionary on http://vortaro.net/, after a free registration.



  • dwds.de – A monolingual German dictionary that goes into great detail for each word, including incredible context tabs and etymology.
  • http://www.duden.de/ – As above, also gives tonnes of info for each word
  • http://dict.leo.org/ – You can search directly between German and English / Spanish / French / Italian / Polish / Russian / Portuguese / Chinese, and many translations are offered.
  • http://www.dict.cc/ – Another fantastic choice for a bilingual German dictionary.
  • http://de.pons.eu/ – Yet another great alternative, that also has a tonne of combinations other than German-English. Note that you can use this as a great dictionary for Norwegian and other languages, as long as you use it through German.
  • http://dict.tu-chemnitz.de/ – And one more for luck!

Greek (Classical)











Sign Language (Various sorts)

  • http://www.spreadthesign.com/ – Doesn’t cover many words, but it does separate the signs based on which country, if you are learning several different national signs, or a non-American one!





This list of resources has been painstakingly researched by my team as part of our PREMIUM language immersion product